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We have the desire and vision to enhance
communication through creative solutions.

» Web Solutions

Web Solutions

This page is under construction. Check back soon!

Digital Assets

Do you need to stream your video or have it on-demand? We have several options that could meet your needs. Please note that video streaming eligibility may depend on obtaining the appropriate copyright permissions. Please contact our media developers for more information.

Do you need to record an event or speaker? Do you need a projector to present at a workshop? We offer a solution. Our team has available an HD camcorder, wireless mic, mp3 recorder, tripod, and projector available for short-term checkout.

Digital Asset Management

As technology evolves there is an increased opportunity to communicate using a variety of media. Our goal is to work with the campus community to incorporate technology and collaborate to arrive at creative solutions.

Web Applications

Our Do-It-Yourself studio has the tools needed to capture one or more presenters on camera and their presentation, along with crystal clear audio to make online videos look and sound their very best.